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The Holiday Style Guide

Posted by Lauren Dary on

Photography by Gus Sloan Founder, Lauren Dary.

Written by the incomparable, Marielle TerHart.

The holiday style guide

Tis the season for Holiday gatherings with friends, decking the halls, and standing in your closet clutching a towel insisting you have nothing to wear. We've all been there, the night (or more likely the hour) before the Office Christmas Party / BFF Gift swap / Dinner with the Inlaws, in a flat-out panic because you need to somehow cobble together a flawless look from a closet that currently lacks inspiration.

Blindsided by the same sentiment that you felt last year - wanting to look your best amidst the twinkling lights without buying an entirely new outfit for every single event. How do we keep finding ourselves in this same impossible situation?!

Take a deep breath, we're here to help.

layer up

The beauty in a well-crafted garment like the LBJ is it's a blank slate; there are so many ways to transform a closet staple. For our photo shoot, we were inspired by layering pieces that turn your LBJ into a one-of-a-kind statement ensemble.

Go bolder and try an animal print cardigan, a sequin blazer or a patterned velvet jacket. If you’re looking to add more colour to your LBJ, seasonal jewel tones like emerald and crimson are elevated against the black especially in materials like cashmere, silk, linen, and velvet. 

Bundle up in your favourite cardigan, or knit vest to add texture and warmth to your ensemble for more casual gatherings. We also love to add a graphic tee or turtleneck as an under-layer, especially on the Classic LBJ for added coziness when you’re running around town, tending to Holiday errands.

Lastly, grab that plaid (or steal that flannel from your significant other's closet), for perfect layering piece under the aforementioned cardigan or on its own to bring winter-woodsy realness to your LBJ.


The best part of Holiday glam is the sparkly bits. Now's the time for that statement necklace you keep meaning to wear, but always feel is a ‘bit much’ (we assure you, it’s not).

Double down with a shimmery necklace and a pair of earrings.

Or forgo the jewelry altogether and add a belt to emphasize your waistline, like Lauren did at her Holiday shoot, repping Unbelts for that subtle touch of metal. 

Finally put your best foot forward and throw on a pair of heels or fancy flats (again sparkle or animal print can be worked into your footwear) to elevate the LBJ for more formal events.

Swap about the heels for your go-to boots and thick woolen socks. Trade out the statement necklace for a chunky scarf or a cozy toque (we love the fuzzy pom-detail on this one). 

Lastly, you can still work in that sparkle for casual wear alongside winter scarves etc, there are no rules when it comes to styling, accept the ones you decide fit your own sense of style!  

Take a breath

Okay okay, this may be styling light, but it needs to be included. The Holiday season is hectic, and we get it. That closet meltdown is as synonymous with December as Christmas lights, but it doesn't have to be. Take a breath and remind yourself, the chances of someone remembering your outfit from year to year is virtually zero. And, often with all the pressure we put on ourselves to look flawless, we forget that Holiday parties are about celebrating friendships and good company. Soak that in instead. Put the credit card down and remind yourself your presence is all that is needed to leave a lasting impression. Your soul is always what will shine the brightest.

The chameleon of your closet, we want to see how you style your LBJ this Holiday season! Tag us in your photos with #GusSloanStyle and we’ll be sharing our favourites on our Instagram.

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