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Capsule Packing for every body!

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Capsule Packing for Every Body!

Marielle Elizabeth 
We are so fortunate to have the incomparable Marielle taking over our blog content! We thank Marielle for the beautiful connection she has with words and for putting them into such great blog posts for us.

Summer is the time for weekends away, last minute adventures and Friday afternoons spent hitting the open road. It's a brilliant season to take to the great outdoors, and reunite with your oldest and dearest pals at a cabin, hike a mountain or lay by a pool in Vegas. Which is probably why we also find summer to be the season of overstuffed suitcases and late night packing sessions.

"But what if I end up needing that?" It's thoughts like that, that making packing for a short four day trip a real struggle, instead of a joy as you stare at your overstuffed suitcase. It's easy to lose sight of the fact that trips are for connection, fun, relaxation, quality time with those we love and admire most - and so we want to help you refocus by breaking down how we've made packing a snap.

1. Before the list, before the laundry, truly consider what you'll be doing on this trip. Usually even the shortest stays come with an itinerary of activities so sort out that first and foremost. Swimming, hiking, wedding guest, or night out dancing all have starkly different attire constraints, so it can be really helpful to figure out what you NEED to pack first, before filling in the rest with the fun wardrobe favourites.

2. Okay, so you know the basics you'll need for the set activities, next comes cursory staples (cough LBJ cough), consider the weather and what will work with what's already on your list. Resist the urge (or at least try to limit- no judgement here) the pieces you bring that go with nothing else. Try to sort out what will mix and match with other garments you're bringing to create more outfit variety during your trip, and then write down where you're at.

Here's Lauren's typical packing list for a Four Day Summer Trip with the LBJ:

 - LBJ (either original or special edition)

-  layering tie-up piece - for me it would be a lightweight t-shirt button down that can be tied in front

- choose only one: short or pant or skirt

- long lightweight breezy summer cardigan

- 3/4 sleeve cropped cardigan/light sweater

- 2 necklaces

- 1-2 earring choices

- hat

- sunglasses


- sneaker or fancy shoe depending on what was planned for the trip outings.

- mini backpack/fanny pack

3.Compare your list to your set plans, the weather and ask yourself - is there anything missing? Is there a situation I'd be underprepared for? What do I have that will work in a pinch? Fill in any other gaps accordingly and remind yourself, it's a vacation, yes having cute outfits is a plus, but also this is a perfect time for outfit repeating and just throwing on a different big hat. Trust us, if the hat is big enough, it counts as an entirely new outfit.

Finally post trip, if you love what you brought, if you forgot a garment you were kicking yourself for, we recommend keeping an ongoing document to make packing for the next trip easier. That way you'll only have to do the work a few times before you've created mini-capsule packing lists from your own closet to make future excursions even easier.

We hope dearly that this helps. That you feel content with your bag in hand as you head off on your next big (or little) adventure. And that you have an amazing Summer lapping up all this season has to offer!

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