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(not your average) Summer Style Guide!

Posted by Marielle TerHart on

(not your average) Summer Style Guide!

Marielle Elizabeth 
We are so fortunate to have the incomparable Marielle taking over our blog content! We thank Marielle for the beautiful connection she has with words and for putting them into such great blog posts for us.

Before you cue the eye rolling of another Summer Style Guide telling you exactly how to dress your "body type" (whatever that means), we wanted to share the things we're actually excited about. Yes there's clothing trends and bits and pieces to drag your wardrobe into a new season, but moreover we wanted to share the small pieces that have us feeling equally inspired. We encourage you to reconsider what style is - is it limited to garments, or can that same inspiration be found in a perfect summer meal, that feeling when your car is FINALLY packed to leave for vacation (by truly some miracle) or in the words that catch us off guard.

We propose that summer style can be found within and without your closet. It permeates a mood that reflects the way we dress and not the other way around, so please, indulge with us for a moment - Our Summer Style Guide.

Tie It Up

Is there anything more summery than a loosely tied shirt thrown over a bathing suit or (obvs) your LBJ? We have loved seeing the tied-aesthetic spread from the iconic tied top to hats, dresses and even the cutest sandals. It's an effortless take on a classic and we are here for it.

Summer Style Inspiration
summer style inspiration

summer style inspiration

The tie up was also a huge inspiration for one of our limited edition summer LBJ’s, the perfect peekaboo back for those extra hot days. The design was born from a desire to feel freedom in our clothing, especially during the hottest months - for ease of wear, for comfort in our skin and for easily being ‘put together’. The Summer Special Edition LBJ is everything we want in a summer outfit - comfort, style, breathable, lightweight and incredibly easy to wear. (Summer LBJ coming in June!).

Lively Layers

Summer is definitely a season to embrace colour, so if you’re looking to add a bit of vibrancy to your wardrobe, we suggest amping up your sweaters / cardigans / sheer jackets with pops of colour, words of inspiration or even (gasp) animal print. As an added bonus bold colours in outwear can help refresh well loved neutrals.

Head and Shoulders

Bring on the accessories, and especially those that blend function and form. This is the biggest piece for us when it comes to seasonal transitioning and your wardrobe, because accessories tend to have a longer shelf so they can last you from year to year. They're a great way to get more wear out of your favourite looks, especially when the weather is less than summer-y, but you are ready to be drinking rose on a patio somewhere. Currently we're lusting over clogs (which for the record would transition seamlessly into the winter with a cute pair of socks from YEG based Urban Drawer), and any shoe with an approachable wedge like these woven ones.

Next up is the quintessential summer bag - something wicker or straw that is big enough to carry your water bottle, sunscreen and a half dozen lipsticks (if your purse looks anything like ours). We love how the caramel hues go with any outfit and instantly make you feel more summery. And finally where would we be without hats. The bigger the better, get that shade, and just remember to throw in a few bobbi pins to make sure it doesn't blow away.

Freshly Cut

Okay, while this is technically less about Summer Style, we think that food, gardening and all things fresh still needs to be included as a must. With such a short season and so many amazing farmers markets to indulge in, we wanted to share a few of our favourite summer recipes to break bread over this summer.

Limoncello Prosecco with blueberries and thyme.

From Lisa of

How about a summer take on the classic charcuterie board? So.Much.Yes.

Or this hummus bowl with roasted veggies by !

We hope you enjoyed our (not your average) Summer Style Guide and that it brought on some fresh ideas. Just remember - wear whatever you want to! We encourage you to wear what you like, wear what you feel good in, and wear what makes you feel most like YOU! 

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