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The Overalls!


Introducing the Gus Sloan Overalls!

We will be doing this pre-order 'Lottery Style' - more info on that below. The lottery is now closed.

The Overalls are full of character, comfort and style. The tie shoulder detail is not only an eye-catching feature of this garment, but also is a tool for a customizable fit.


The front pocket detail adds a bit more of the classic 'overall' look while our signature pockets keep to our uniquely Gus Sloan style!

The leg length is meant to be 3/4 length and is cuffed up at the bottom. However, as always, we will make these to customizable hem lengths!

The Overalls are made from our favourite bamboo fabric and will be available in black, grey, bordeaux and emerald!

Available in sizes SX-3X.




For this pre-order, we will be doing things a bit differently.

In an effort to keep this pre-order process as fair and efficient as possible, we have decided to do a Lottery. What does that mean? Well, in short terms, it means that everyone who is interested in pre-ordering the dress will enter their name into the lottery and then the names will be drawn randomly to create the order, for the pre-order.

Here are more details:

To enter your name into the lottery, please email with your name, email address and phone number (so that we can create a customer account for you). This will be your entry into the Lottery.

The Deadline for entering into the Lottery is Sunday, July 5th @ noon MST.

*Please note that entering the Lottery does not guarantee that you will be given the opportunity to pre-order The Dress. It also does not lock you in to pre-ordering one, you will have the choice when we get to your turn.

The Lottery order will be finalized by Monday, July 6th and your order number will be sent to you by email. We will then be back in contact with you when it is your turn to pre-order.

When it is your turn to pre-order, you will have the opportunity to pre-order or to pass to the next person in line. If you decide to pre-order,  your invoice will be sent and you will have 24 hours to complete your purchase before it will expire and we will move on to the next person.

Please be patient with us - this is a new process and it may go slowly, depending on how many people enter the Lottery. We will move as quickly and efficiently as we possibly can. We also ask that, when it is your turn, you work as quickly with us as you can.

Just a few quick reminders:

- We can't guarantee that everyone who enters the Lottery will be given the opportunity to pre-order.

- We can't guarantee or hold fabric colours.

- If you change your mind or don't want The Dress in the fabrics that are left when it is your turn, you can pass to the next person.

- We will be having The Dress available again once our fabric supplier is operational and we can get more fabric!

Please let us know if you have any questions about this process!